Programmers will not be replaced by AI, but those who don't use AI devtools will.

Introducing AskCodebase: You AI Programming Autopilot

Transition from Coding to Problem Solving

AskCodebase AI redefines the role of developers, enabling them to focus on high-level solution design and communicate with AI using natural language. It liberates developers from the intricacies of coding, allowing them to transition from traditional coding roles into solution designers and problem solvers.

It's More Than Just an Auto-complete Tool

AskCodebase AI (opens in a new tab) isn’t about coding copilot, autocomplete, or code intellisense. It’s something deeper and more profound. This is about a tool that operates at a task level, aimed at taking over the mundane, foundational, and repetitive tasks that often suck the joy out of programming. It’s not just about suggesting or filling in gaps; it’s about comprehensively handling the grunt work and bringing back the joy of problem solving in programming.

Want to learn more about our vision and why we built AskCodebase AI? Read this article Of Late Nights and Endless Lines of Code: Is There a Better Way? (opens in a new tab) written by our CEO - Shiqi.

Meet Jipiti AI: The Company Behind AskCodebase

Jipiti AI (opens in a new tab) is at the forefront of conversational programming powered by AI (especially LLM). We're building next-generation devtools to boost developers' productivity and happiness.

AskCodebase Principles

Tasks, not autocomplete

We believe that developers should focus on the bigger picture - designing and delivering effective solutions. That's why AskCodebase AI focuses on understanding and implementing tasks, rather than merely aiding with code completion. Our AI digs deep into the problem you're trying to solve and constructs the necessary code to accomplish the task, leaving you more time to conceptualize and innovate.

Conversations, not commands

Coding should not be a one-way street. That's why AskCodebase AI is designed to engage with you. We have built a platform that promotes two-way communication, where you can have meaningful conversations with the AI about the task at hand. This approach not only makes the programming experience more enjoyable but also ensures the quality and effectiveness of the code being produced.

Requirements, not code

In programming, understanding the requirements is half the battle. If an AI just churns out code without understanding the underlying requirements, the code will likely miss the mark. AskCodebase AI takes a requirements-first approach, where it seeks to understand the requirements of the task before generating code. This ensures that the resulting code is not just syntactically correct, but semantically accurate and useful as well.

In a nutshell, AskCodebase AI is not just about coding - it's about understanding your needs, engaging with you, and delivering effective solutions. Whether you're a seasoned developer or a novice just getting started, AskCodebase AI is here to make your coding experience more productive, meaningful, and enjoyable.

Efficiency, not just speed

Speed is crucial in programming, but efficiency is even more important. AskCodebase AI prioritizes achieving tasks in the most resource-efficient manner, reducing the need for redundant code and ensuring that the end result is as streamlined and effective as possible.

Learning, not just doing

AskCodebase AI doesn't just perform tasks; it also learns your coding style and preferences over time. This allows it to provide more personalized and accurate assistance, making your programming experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Collaboration, not isolation

Programming should not be a solitary endeavor. AskCodebase AI is designed to work as part of your team, allowing for seamless collaboration between human programmers and AI. This collaboration ensures that the final product is the result of a combined effort, leveraging the strengths of both man and machine.

Innovation, not replication

While AskCodebase AI can help with repetitive tasks, it's not just about copying and pasting existing code. The AI aims to innovate and suggest different approaches where appropriate, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in programming.

Through these principles, AskCodebase AI provides a unique and powerful tool that will revolutionize the way programming is done, making it more efficient, enjoyable and innovative.